PoseRayV3.11.0 (Build 436)



通常 PoseRayV3.11.0 (Build 436)

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yosi  長老 居住地: 海が見えん山ばっかりの神奈川県じゃ〜  投稿数: 592
Added basic support for Poser 5+ material nodes. See this section for the nodes supported.
Added specular mapping to the materials tab.
Bump strength is now scaled when it is imported from Poser 5+ files.
Texture-Color blending from Poser scenes is now scaled according to the color to avoid renders with washed out textures.
Added specular mapping support for LightWave materials.
Fixed some of the highlight probrems with DAZ|Studio scenes.
Fixed specular size calculation from LightWave materials.
Fixed batch export to POV
Fixed displacement in meshes with scaled UV mapping
Moved shadow flag to materials
Moved UV mapping to materials tab
Switched to POV-Ray specular and roughness model for hightlights.
Added a global declarations or macros area for the custom POV-Ray materials.
Updated the POV-Ray material finish with conserve_energy so that transparency and reflection work better.
Added some modifier presets to the POV-Ray materials tab.
Fixed extraction of material properties from Poser 7 PZZ files.
If a Poser material is transparent and reflective then its color is darken accordingly to match the Poser preview.
Added option to delete redundant highlight map entries that Poser creates by default.
Fixed vertex weld and normal recalculation not done when cleanup geometry option was used when importing a Poser scene.
Fixed UV coordinate corruption when using cleanup geometry option in the Poser import.
Fixed UV transformation tool not working.
Near clipping in the preview is dynamically calculated according to scene size and viewer position
Fixed using the wrong extension for exported OBJ files with resized and converted maps.
Fixed material presets from MTL files not setting the maps properly sometimes.
Added split_union off to the end of the POV-Ray geometry union to avoid union artifacts.
Rearranging materials and groups has now an effect on lines.
Lines are only exported if they are visible on the preview window.
Scene name is appended to the name of saved camera, material and light settings.
Added an option to show in the preview window the current light only. Useful whith dense light setups.
Added an option to change the interpolation of the image maps used.
Compressed Poser PZZ files can now be loaded from directories wtih names as long as 255 characters.
Configuration is not reset when a new version of PoseRay is installed unless its format has changed considerably.
Group list is now more responsive to flag changes.
Increased the size of the default area light for better shadows
Removed the revision number from render files and added an optional time stamp


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